My first article, “On Swampification: Black Ecologies, Moral Geographies, and Racialized Swampland Destruction,” was published in November 2022 in the “Race, Nature, and the Environment” Special Issue of the Annals of the American Association of Geographers.

This March, I am co-hosting the Black Geographies Graduate Student Conference at UC Berkeley, featuring dozens of brilliant graduate scholars whose work demonstrates the past, present, and future of Black Geographies.

I will be speaking at several conferences this spring. In March, I will be speaking on an Author Meets Critic panel featuring the text Violent Utopia by Jovan Scott Lewis, as well as a virtual panel entitled Revisiting Crafting Black Ecologies at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting in Denver. In April, I will be discussing Black rural resistance and ecological relations at the National Council for Public History (NCPH) annual meeting in Atlanta. And in late April I will reflect upon Black ties to South Carolina swamplands and timber economies at the Woodbasket of the World conference in Sumter, South Carolina.