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On Imagining: Ancestral tools, travel guides, and community building for the end of the world — Afrotectopia Imagineer Fellowship 2020

travel writing

Meet the Harvard professor and birder who biked 4,000 miles across the U.S. during a pandemic — Roadtrippers Magazine

Route 66 is for everyone: Immigrant communities and Somalian cowboys are challenging stereotypes along the Mother Road — Roadtrippers Magazine

Finding LGBTQ community, solidarity, and identity on a road trip across Middle America — Roadtrippers Magazine

Inside the task force that helps vintage motels along Route 66 unite and thrive — Roadtrippers Magazine

Route 66 Reflection: Exploring Diversity in Stories and Sites — The National Trust for Historic Preservation (SavingPlaces)

Route 66 Communities: Documenting Tight-Knit Connections in Disparate Places — Polaroid

Serendipity on the Mother Road — Airstream


Finding history, hope, and humanity in Allensworth, the first Black town in California

Preserving Route 66 as a National Historic Trail

Q&A with “Broad City” actor, funny human Hannibal Burress

Wainstein’s report, NCAA notices and accrediting response paint different pictures

Prince’s purple reign at Carmichael in 1980s

New Ackland director hopes to paint a connected community

Women STEM majors foresee a different kind of post-grad stress

Carolina Performing Arts increased funding threefold in preparation for two new spaces

Racial diversity is lacking in dramatic arts, screenwriting programs at UNC

LGBTQ students find outlet in underserved nightlife